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A high-tek work of art, precision and beauty: Nike goes luxe

Footwear DesignThe Brooklyn Mynxx

I am not really into sneakers.  For instance, the only pair of sneakers I own are a charmingly worn out pair of Jack Purcell canvas converse..  ..Not exactly an athletic shoe.  However, I can say that I have a heightened sense for jewelry and accessories.  Lush, luxe, sumptuous, chic.  A few words that come to mind.  So when Nike released their latest concept sneaker--Nike Zoom Superfly R4, ..I tuned in.  Not necessarily for the streamline performance aspects of it--as it is being positioned as a sprinting shoe, just in time for the London 2012 Olympics--but, for the jewelry-emblazoned bottom machined into the neon-green leather upper.  The shoe, to say the least, is quite sexy.

Gold Treads
Gold Treads

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