Mynxx Winter Ice Grips - Stylish Traction Cleats for Women

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Brooklyn PowerUP! 2012 Finalist  

Brooklyn PowerUP! 2012 Finalist 

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"During icy winters you have 2 choices: ruin a chic ensemble with clunky snow boots, or wear pretty shoes and risk slipping.  That's why one woman invented Mynxx, rubberized ice grips that slide on to the bottom of riding boots, ballet flats or any other slim shoe style [...]." - Bobbie Thomas
NBC Today Show's Bobbie's Buzz

"Winter doesn't officially kick off until Dec. 21, but for many parts of the country, snowy conditions are already the norm. To beat Mother Nature at her own treacherous game, entrepreneur Veronica Barrow recently launched Mynxx, a line of winter ice grips for women [...]." - Barbara Schneider-Levy, Senior Editor
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"[...] They were super easy to put on and felt completely secure once they were on.  They took a second to get used to, but once I started walking a bit, I felt totally comfortable.  Walking through the slush was a breeze -- it felt as if I was walking on dry sidewalk."  - Dhani Mau, Senior Editor

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"Whether you're headed to the office or out for a much needed date night... nothing ruins that chic outfit faster than lame snow boots (or pureed food).  Next time you venture into a winter wonderland, skip the clunkers and safely wear whatever shoes you like. [...]"

"[...] and the most genius award goes to Mynxx - these are tiny slip-ons that attach to any of your shoes and make them winter-ized - so no more slipping around the city streets. wish they would have had these when i lived upstate!"

"There's nothing more annoying than putting together a nice outfit and then having to take off your shoes and put on clunky winter boots to avoid slipping and sliding on sidewalks.  [...] While most men won't understand the frustration with dressing for the winter time, women sure do!"