Mynxx Winter Ice Grips - Stylish Traction Cleats for Women


Why Mynxx?

On December 31st, some several years ago on a snowy Manhattan sidewalk, Veronica and two of her girl friends were on their way to a New Year’s Eve party. One inevitable slip by one ultimately brought all three girls flat on their butts on the snowy sidewalk! Using this light bulb moment, Veronica Barrow - a graduate from The Cooper Union - married her acute attention to structure and detail with her eye for fashion, and immediately set out to resolve this common winter wardrobe dilemma for city-chic women alike.

As an Architect living and working in NYC, Veronica has been no stranger to weather-related wardrobe compromises - having been forced to lug extra bags to and from work with a change of shoes or clothes inside. While Veronica believes that function is crucial in any product or outfit, but style and class are always key.

In 2012, Veronica founded Veró Vixen LLC, in Brooklyn, which focuses on creating functional yet fashionably conscious seasonal wear for women.


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