Mynxx Winter Ice Grips - Stylish Traction Cleats for Women

Caring for your Mynxx

Caring for your Mynxx

Mynxx washes clean with warm water and soap. Make sure to dry spikes thoroughly with a dry cloth  to help prevent rust. Store in a cool location, away from heat and/or moisture.

Caring for your Mynxx Carry Case

The Mynxx carry pouch is waterproof, made from durable nylon, and can be easily rinsed out or washed to keep it clean.  Lay flat to dry.

Getting down to the gritty facts

Set aside the elegant nature of Mynxx Ice Grips, and one reality of its function is that it will become soiled with each wear. They are, after all, traversing slushy grimy city streets, no matter how pretty they are!  The good news is that both Mynxx Ice Grips and the waterproof carry pouch can be safely washed.  We actually recommend that you rinse off and dry your Mynxx Ice Grips and carry pouch after each use, to help maintain the life of the products.


Myxx Maintenance

To maximize the life of your Mynxx, replace spikers periodically to ensure effectiveness of traction, and rust control. We recommend replacing every 30-60 days.  Clean debris from the steel spikes, insole and outsole.  The replacement spikes are designed specifically for Mynxx Ice Grips, and are available through our Shop page.